BLM’s football-based pitch concept fouled by thieves

Pitches can be pretty daunting occasions, especially for a small company taking on larger, more established players. To symbolise this challenge, media agency BLM held its pitch to Pathé in the visitors’ dressing room at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium.

But BLM didn’t stop there – everyone, apart from Paul Phillips from the AAR who would be dressed as a referee, had to attend dressed in Portsmouth FC strips. This included Pathé’s representative John Fletcher, who just happens to be an avid Portsmouth fan.

Well, that was the plan anyway. Between the Thursday run-through and the Friday pitch some dishonest so-and-so snaffled some of the kit. Replacements were scraped together, apart from Paul’s referee kit, which was presumably burned in the name of poor decisions dating back to the origins of the beautiful game.

A great idea for a pitch. If only it hadn’t been marred by events.


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