Blockbuster outlets to sell booze

Blockbuster UK is to start selling wine and beer in its stores, in an attempt to increase its product range.

The home entertainment chain has already tested the concept and plans to roll out alcohol sales through 23 outlets by the end of the year.

A spokesman for the company says: “It’s part of our overall strategy to diversify our offering for the ‘great night in’.”

The chain has been testing wine and beer sales in 12 outlets this year, with prices comparable with late-night convenience stores rather than supermarkets. Alcohol has also been used in promotional offers, for instance a four-pack of Stella Artois or a bottle of wine and a video rental for 5.99.

Blockbuster has teamed up with E&J Gallo to supply wine, and Interbrew for lager and beer.

The chain recently launched a DVD rent-by-mail operation that allows customers to rent up to four DVDs at any one time and retain them for five days. The chain supplies a pre-paid envelope and the rental cost is 4.50 for a new release or 3.50 for a catalogue title.

Blockbuster is also a reward partner in the recently launched Nectar loyalty points scheme.


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