Blooming great desks

The dark, dank days of January can sap the spirit of even the most ebullient of office workers.

Arriving at your desk before dawn, heading home well after dark, cosseted away from the glories of nature⦠the Diary, which still lives with its earth mother, feels sorry for you.

But fear not, for help is at hand for those who miss the sights and sounds of summer – now you can simply bring the outdoors indoors.

Promotional company Blue Fish has come up with a range of natural desktop accessories, including grass in a can and flowers that will apparently “grow in a germinating gel” right in front of you on your desk.

“We think Lilliputian lawns, along with mini-shrubs and trees and flowers growing in test tubes, are a sure-fire way to catch the eye,” says Blue Fish director Matt Franks.

Too right Matt! A desk festooned with blooming test tubes, Bonsai trees and tins of grass might well raise a few eyebrows.

But think of the benefits. Fed up with your open plan office and your annoying neighbour? A privet hedge should help.

You could even grow rocket salad next to the stapler and half-yearly figures, and invite your colleagues over for a lunchtime picnic.

All this talk of gardening has inspired the Diary to take up desktop topiary, so we’re off to trim our bush.


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