Blue Dot launches social currency scheme

A “social currency” website has launched to motivate consumers to actively support charity organisations in return for rewards, a move it is claimed is the third sector equivalent of the retail reward scheme Nectar.


Blue Dot aims to be a reward scheme for people “who do good things” for charity organisations.

Natasha Hill, marketing director of Cancer Research UK, claims the Blue Dot scheme “can be to charity what Nectar is to shopping.”

Users can sign in via Facebook and receive benefits such as access to exclusive products and downloads from celebrities and career experiences from major brands in return for behaviours such as volunteering work, donating and becoming advocates via social networks.

Users accumulate “dots” for good deeds, which then go on to form a personalised “Active CV” that the scheme claims can help them get promoted or reach new job opportunities.

One of the scheme’s launch rewards is an exclusive “last chance” to get tickets for Noel Gallagher’s UK tour dates.

Coldplay has also used Blue Dots in the US to offer users an exclusive opportunity to see them perform.

Consumers involved with volunteering group vinspired, supporters that donate to charities via JustGiving and payroll givers can all collect dots through the scheme.



VO5 claims unbranded content success

Seb Joseph

Unilever personal care brand VO5 claims the decision to run unbranded online ads ahead of a wider push for its Extreme Style range was the best way to reach the brand’s target audience of 12-14 year old males “in a world so full of messages.”


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