BMW a victim of the perils of popularity

David Benady’s cover story (MW March 6) raised some interesting questions on the luxury goods market. However, the fact that BMW’s sales have fallen comes as no surprise to myself. BMW has built a formidable reputation for luxury, quality and desirability but in doing so it has made its cars ubiquitous.

When I recently announced my intention to seek a new car, my wife’s immediate response was: “You’re not having a BMW, because everybody has got them”. The suggestion of a Mercedes garnered a similar and only slightly less vociferous retort.

To test her opinion, I indulged in a little car-counting. Sure enough, I found that BMWs are ubiquitous on our roads. As such, they have arguably lost – or are losing – their “luxury” image. I would suggest that Mercedes could be on a similar road. Porsche, on the other hand, retains that “I could get one some day” cachet while still being a relatively rare sight. So it’s either luxury or ubiquity – it would seem that a brand cannot have its cake and eat it.

Nick Thompson

Marketing manager




Tesco overtakes Boots

Marketing Week

Tesco claims to have overtaken Boots as market leader in toiletries penetration, according to figures from Taylor Nelson Sofres showing that Tesco had 25.3 million toiletries customers in 2002/03 compared to Boots’ 23.5 million.

Bulmers set to plough £8m into Strongbow

Marketing Week

Bulmers is planning a massive push for its Strongbow brand this year, with a 68 per cent increase in the brand’s advertising budget, taking the spend to £8m. The blitz is an attempt to further bolster Strongbow’s leading position in the cider market. The move follows close on the heels of the appointment of Miles […]


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