Bob and Bob’s big night out

Amid the furore at the British Press Awards, no one seemed to notice that when the News of the World won its National Newspaper of the Year award, used-to-be-funny-in-the-Nineties comedian Vic Reeves calmly walked on stage and snaffled the trophy.

Perhaps the guests were too busy heckling Sir Bob Geldof, or placing bets on who Jeremy Clarkson would pick a fight with this year in place of the absent Piers Morgan to notice.

Some may also claim that the crime went undetected because Reeves bears a striking resemblance to NotW editor, Andy Coulson. The Diary is happy to try to clear that one up.

As the pictures show, the one on the left is the man who has made a living coming up with bizarre, surreal ideas to amuse the public… and the other is a comedian.


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