Bodycare to relaunch and open new stores

Bodycare International is planning a £6m relaunch of its network of tanning salons and products, following a British Medical Association (BMA) report that links tanning booths with cancer.

The report calls for tighter restrictions on the use of sunbeds, which the BMA claims can cause certain types of skin cancer, premature ageing and damage to eyes and the immune system. A forthcoming regional television programme is also set to highlight the dangers of tanning booths.

A Bodycare spokesman says that the only way to combat this negative publicity is to aggressively promote the benefits of tanning.

Bodycare is to invest almost £6m on a new brand identity and product reshuffle. The company plans to open about 400 more tanning shops across the country, as well as refurbishing its 140 existing outlets. It will invest in staff training and support future research about the benefits of tanning.

A range of beauty products, including tanning lotions and after-sun creams, is due to launch this summer and the company will also introduce “spray” tanning facilities in its outlets.

The spokesman says: “There will be a big advertising push to show how good for you tanning can be. There will be new research on the benefits, as well as training and information packs in store.”


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