Bollor矣ontinues battle with Aegis

Aegis, the owner of media network Carat, will vote for a third time about the appointment two independent directors, nominated by Havas chairman Vincent Bolloré, on April 4. Bolloré launched his third bid to gain board representation at the marketing services company in February.

Bolloré, who owns a 29.1% stake in Aegis, has failed twice in his bid to have Roger Hatchuel and Philippe Germond nominated to the board over concerns that their appointment would create a conflict of interest because of Bolloré’s interests in Havas.

As before, the Aegis board has recommended its shareholders resist the move over the same concerns. It says the role of the board in looking at commercially sensitive matters, setting strategy and investment decisions, including acquisitions, would be “unacceptably compromised” by the presence of representatives from a competitor.


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