Boosey & Hawkes in licensing deal to sell music catalogue

Music tracks from popular TV ads, theme tunes and videogames will be available to buy following a deal between digital music service The Orchard and Boosey & Hawkes Production Music.

The Orchard, which also offers video and music services, has signed an exclusive licensing deal to sell Boosey & Hawkes’ entire production library including the Cavendish, Sonoton and Abaco music libraries.

The move means that from December, consumers will be able to buy music tracks including those in the recent Orange and Oxo ads, from digital retailers supplied by The Orchard.

The digital music company says it decided to sell its recorded music library following demand for tracks such as those featured on videogame Colin McRae DiRT and TV show SpongeBob SquarePants.

Michael Shaw, Boosey & Hawkes head of media, says the deal marks a new direction for the company as well as a new revenue stream.

Its production library will add 10,000 tracks to The Orchard’s music store.


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