Boost the mind over PR chatter

New year, new mindset. In the hazy early hours of New Year’s Day, did you vow to look at your life in a different way?

Well, here’s your chance to go imagineering, clanning, time-sharing, safespending, hot-desking and to indulge in as much edutainment as you can shake a big stick at.

Explanation of the above is to be found within the covers of PR queen Stephanie Churchill’s new book, Mindscaping.

An explanation of Mindscaping, according to the bumf, is “imagining how life might be, about blending ideas, crystallising them and constructing a new framework within which to think. It is about imagining yourself in a new world.”

At this time of year, when everybody wants to be somewhere other than at their own desk, a new world has got to be as good a place as any.


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