Boots focuses on ‘meaningful gifting’ in Christmas ad campaign

Boots aims to show how the right gift can bring back fond memories in its first Christmas ad campaign by new agency Ogilvy.

Boots is shifting strategy to focus on “meaningful gifting” with its Christmas ad campaign this year, looking into the relationship between real-life sisters and how the perfect gift can “show someone you truly know them”.

Launching tomorrow (11 November) during The X Factor on ITV, the #ShowThemYouKnowThem campaign shows two sisters connecting when a Boots gift taps into their shared past. It starts a nostalgic journey revealing their shared moments, with Boots recovering 11 products from its archives to show how they have played a key role in their lives.

Helen Jeremiah, director of customer strategy and communications at Boots UK, says: “We believe Christmas is all about the thought – it’s about old memories and new ones we’re yet to make. The secrets we’ve shared and the laughs we won’t forget.

“We want to help people recognise, strengthen and celebrate their closest relationships through the sharing of great gifts – chosen with thought, shared with love, and received with unbridled delight. Like the sisters in our film, many of our customers have grown up with Boots and have been sharing our gifts with their family and friends throughout their lives.”

The ad is the first Christmas campaign for Boots by its new creative agency Ogilvy. It features a re-recorded version of Yazoo’s 1982 hit Only You with an orchestral sound track. Real-life sisters Kathleen McDermott and Karen McGarrity star as the sisters in the present day, while Eva and Ella Morrison play them in the flashbacks.

Boots has shifted strategy for its Christmas campaign a number of times over the past few years. Last year, it looked for an emotional connection by celebrating working women, while the year before it pushed a product-focused campaign.