Boots’ otc marketing chief dies

Ros Boulstridge, marketing director of Boots’ over-the-counter division Crookes Healthcare, died suddenly last week, aged 42.

Boots has not released any details about her death but it is understood that she died in her sleep in the early hours of last Wednesday. An inquest is being carried out before her funeral, this Friday.

Boulstridge was appointed marketing director of Crookes in February 1996 as part of a series of management changes at Boots Healthcare International and Crookes Healthcare, the division which manufactures leading brands Nurofen, Optrex and the E45 skincare range.

Before her appointment as marketing director, Boulstridge had been instrumental in developing the Nurofen brand.

She helped it become the best selling analgesic in the UK. Most recently the brand, which was launched in 1983, was introduced to Russia, as the first ibuprofen product in the market.

Since its acquisition by Boots in the Eighties, Crookes Healthcare has operated as an independent arm of Boots.

Boots has not confirmed any plans to fill the position.


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