Boots sets suncare price war in motion

Boots the Chemist has slashed the prices of its suncream ranges the day after Asda claimed its prices would be up to 5.90 cheaper than those of the chemist chain.

Asda announced this week it will sell major brands such as Nivea, Pizbuin and Ambre Solaire more cheaply than Boots, after launching a campaign called ‘Fair Price for Fair Skin’. Boots reacted by cutting its own prices and issuing a statement to reassure customers it offers “excellent value for money”. The company has also emphasised the advice services it offers through in-store training for shop assistants.

The suncream price war follows an attack by Asda on retailers and manufacturers for charging higher prices for suncreams of a higher protection factor.


Cadbury drops Lily Savage to ‘cool’ Oasis

Marketing Week

Cadbury Schweppes is to drop drag queen Lily Savage from advertising of its fruit drink brand Oasis, with the aim of creating a cooler image. The “open, pour, be yourself once more” campaign will be replaced next month with ads which feature the catchline “chill with a still”. The new brand spokesmen will be “the […]

Siemens and Mitsubishi plan mobile phone youth ad blitzes

Marketing Week

Siemens and Mitsubishi Electric are targeting the youth market with the independent launch of new mobile phones and heavyweight advertising campaigns. Siemens is launching a global advertising campaign for its new C25 phone, which will be available from April. The ads, created by J Walter Thompson, continue Siemens’ “be inspired” theme, previously championed by Vanessa […]


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