Boots’ Christmas ad celebrates working women

Boots has shifted strategy for its Christmas campaign, focusing on emotion by celebrating working women rather than pushing product as it did last year.

Following last year’s upbeat ad set to Jessie  J’s version of ‘The man with the bag’, Boots has returned to its traditional, emotional roots with a Christmas ad that celebrates women who are working over Christmas.

The ad introduces itself with the figure that half a million people have to work on Christmas day. It then goes on to show a number of women who have to work over Christmas, including paramedics, firefighters, volunteers, nurses and carers who all “sacrifice their Christmas Day to support their communities”. These women are given a makeover with Boots products, before then being reunited with their families and friends.

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During the ad a couple of the women talk about their experiences, including a paramedic who says she has been in service six years and has worked the past five Christmas days.

“As a big thank you, Boots wanted to give some of these inspirational women an early Christmas present,” Boots posted on its Youtube channel. 

The ad, which is called ‘The gift of beauty’ includes Kylie Minogue’s rendition of Rozalla’s Everybody’s Free song and is a far cry from last years’ TV ad, which presented a blue firefly exploring a fictional Boots store. 

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This year the brand’s theme follows the emotive Christmas ads it produced in 2013 and 2014, with 2014’s featuring a family waiting up to celebrate Christmas with their nurse mother who had been working. 



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  1. I have to say I am extremely disappointed by the recent Christmas Advert. Its clear that although Boots are allegedly praising women in particular, who work public services and work Christmas, they have failed to recognise that there are 3 Emergency Services and not just 2! I am a female who works for the rejected Emergency Service and works across Christmas! The NHS and the Fire Service do an absolutely Sterling job but they also call on us!!!! Deeply disappointed!!!!!!!………..

  2. Louise 15 Nov 2016

    The police services were also not happy and have taken to twitter check the hashtag #BootsatChristmas

  3. Em….hello…..I am a police officer (female) and a single mum who have given up many a xmas day without my kids and had to go out to work….thank you boots for the recognition….u have let us down #disgustedinboots

  4. Sarah 23 Nov 2016

    Who ever was responsible for leaving out female Police Officers and our Armed forces, need to get from behind their cosy over paid desk jobs and educate themselves in the realisation that this in any angry world and is imploding rapidly. These two major services employs females that are putting their lives in danger for defending our country and trying hard to keep our streets safe. They too will be leaving their children to work Christmas , question is, will they be coming home in a body bag.
    I am not a Female Police Officer or in the Armed forces but an angry Female customer and Boots have just lost that custom and Ladies, Boots are not the only Chemist.

  5. Tessa 20 Dec 2016

    And if Boots paid tax in the UK these woman working in cash strapped emergency/public services might be paid properly?

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