Boots to give more space to gifts range

Boots is to devote more floor-space to gifts, in a strategic u-turn. Boots has always sold gifts, but cut back when it began to focus on its Wellbeing services.

A Boots spokesman says: “This Christmas, we will give ten per cent more space to gifts. It’s an indication of how important they are to us.”

The retailer is also unveiling gift ranges for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter in a bid to make the most of key present-giving events.

Mintel retail analyst Richard Perks says: “On the whole, Boots’ gift ranges have not been particularly successful. That was why it tried to get away from gifts and tried Wellbeing. When that failed, it reverted to plan A.”

The Boots Christmas ad campaign, created by J Walter Thompson, breaks today (Wednesday). It features people receiving gifts that they think are unsuitable for them, but who end up finding a use for the items.

One ad shows an old woman who receives a children’s CD player. She ends up using the microphone to shout at her husband, who is at the bottom of the garden. Another shows an aristocratic couple passing the salt to one another with the aid of a battery-powered toy car.

The campaign will run on terrestrial and satellite TV, outdoor, radio and press. It will be supported by an in-store promotion offering shoppers three gifts for the price of two.


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