Both sides must back sponsorship

David Benady is absolutely right in saying that sponsorship is not “simply sticking a brand on a few banners at an event and hoping the audience notices” (MW March 24).

While making resources available to promote a sponsorship in an innovative way is essential, it is also imperative that companies look on the event-provider as a like-minded partner and really make the most of the opportunity to work with them to maximise exposure.

Yes, sponsors are scrutinising contracts more closely to make sure that aspects such as signage are arranged to their satisfaction, but it is important to remember that signing a contract is only the beginning of the relationship. Regular meetings, monitoring and measurement are essential – as are dedicated people within each organisation – to sustain and build the affiliation.

An equitably balanced, strong relationship will generate the greatest commercial opportunities, to the benefit of both parties.

Peter Tudor

Director of sales and marketing

Wembley Arena Pavilion, Conference & Exhibition Centre, Wembley, Middlesex


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