Bounty rolls out ‘health’ pack for girls

A “Girl’s Health Pack”, to be distributed to teenage girls across the country in a bid to promote healthy living, is being launched by the team responsible for the Bounty Mother-to-Be packs.

Direct marketing company Bounty EURO RSCG is now creating “The Girl’s Health Pack”, which will be distributed through schools. The pack will include product samples from skincare ranges and information on personal health and hygiene.

Bounty is in talks with food, personal goods and sports product companies to fund and distribute the pack. The Girl’s Health Pack, which will be handed out to 11to 16-year-old girls twice a year, will launch in spring 2002.

The company already distributes Bounty Mother-To-Be packs through Boots and Mothercare retail branches, and also Bounty New-Mother packs through hospitals and maternity units.

Procter & Gamble, Cussons, Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, Dettox, Reckitt Benckiser and the NSPCC have signed up for the distribution of Mother-To-Be and New-Mother packs.

Bounty Euro RSCG sales and marketing director Simon Williamson says: “Bounty is in talks with several clients about the Girl’s Health Pack, and because the pack will be consistent with the Government’s National Healthy Schools Standard it will be attractive to many brands and companies. Schools will also be receptive to the idea.”

The information in the Girl’s Health Pack will be driven by the project partners. The pack will also be accompanied by a resource book, “Skin & Personal Hygiene”, which will include worksheets to help raise self-esteem by promoting healthy lifestyles.


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