Brainteaser to lubricate your mind

The Diary invites its readers to identify this mystifying object which boasts a six-inch, extendible spout.

The accompanying press information provides some clues: “The innovative design will offer precision application, ensuring access to… even the most hard-to-reach places.”

It is also a “reliable product for lubrication” and is equipped with safety advantages which include “reducing the need to put fingers near…”.

Readers of the Diary, avid impulse lubricant purchasers, are sure to be able to identify the product. Answers on a postcard, please.


Dark days for the black stuff?

Marketing Week

It has never happened before, and it may never happen again. The merger of a spirits business with a brewer to create one marketing organisation has previously seemed as unlikely as sticking household cleaners together with financial services. Yet Diageo has announced it is to smash its two core marketing divisions – the UDV spirits […]

Lloyds TSB picks Lewis for senior customer role

Marketing Week

Lloyds TSB has promoted its below-the-line marketing chief to take over from customer segment director Graham Pilkington, who resigned two weeks ago to join Alliance & Leicester (MW July 13). Former marketing communications director David Lewis has already taken up Pilkington’s role, which is the most senior marketing position at the bank after group marketing […]


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