Brakes slammed on Jaguar again for ‘encouraging dangerous driving’

Jaguar has been reprimanded again by the advertising watchdog for promoting irresponsible driving in its advertising, a ruling that comes less than a month after another spot was banned for a similar reason. 

Video: Banned Jaguar F-Type ad


The latest ad, which appeared on Jaguar’s YouTube channel, featured The Avengers actor Tom Hiddleston playing a villain and driving the Jaguar F-Type in an underground car park and on a public road.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received a complaint arguing that the ad was “socially irresponsible” because it “featured and encouraged unsafe driving”.

In response, Jaguar Land Rover said it believed the ad showed the car travelling at a normal speed, only accelerating briefly. It also stated that police were present during the filming to ensure the speed limit was not exceeded and that the moment of acceleration was not excessive, nor the main focus of the ad.

The ASA ruled that, although brief, the second part of the ad suggested the car was being driven at excessive speeds and therefore encouraged irresponsible driving. While Jaguar Land Rover had displayed on-screen text stating “Professional driver. Closed course. Always obey speed limits”, the regulator said this did not alter the overall impression of a car driving at excessive speeds on a public road and banned the ad.

Jaguar Land Rover was told not to portray speed or driving behaviour that might encourage motorists to drive irresponsibly in the future.

Just last month the ASA banned another series of Jaguar advertising videos – this time appearing on the brand’s website – because they appeared to glorify dangerous driving. 



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