Brand-bashing bible stokes up the beggars

As Neil Boorman’s brand busting pyrotechnic spectacle approaches (MW August 17), the Shoreditch socialite has been drumming up support, and publicity, in the media.

Last week, Neil explained on the BBC website why he plans to set fire to all his branded goods and then write a book about it all. He says he’s hoping the fire will bring him “real happiness”.

In the meantime many BBCi readers were less than happy with the idea of the bonfire, and several of them posted impassioned pleas for Neil to donate his top-of-the-range branded designer goods to charity.

These comments led the Diary to ponder whether the proposed bonfire, which will no doubt provide the iconic images with which Neil’s book will be marketed, has now become a brand in its own right. Such are the intricacies of modern life⦠perhaps it would be simpler just to give the stuff away.


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