Brand id isn’t all about the bottle

In last week’s Marketing Week, David Benady examined the role of strong design in successful branding (Daring to beÂDifferent, December 2).

I couldn’t agree more that strong visual identities are at the very heart of almost every truly successful brand, and that central to successful, focused design is a clear and unambiguous brief against which every aspect of the response can be judged objectively (these are self-evident truths to just about anyone with any experience in brand identity design). But in reality getting the brief right is the most important part of any design project – rubbish brief equals rubbish response.

However, I felt it needed to be pointed out that Coca-Cola’s visual identity – offered as an example of “different” design – owes its fame and longevity as much to consistent application over time and across media, as it does to any major innovative or different design.

Yes, strong brand identity needs great, distinct design, but just as important (if not more important) is understanding the strength and importance of your visual equities, owning them, protecting them and avoiding the pressure of “designers” to change them every five minutes.

Don Williams

Chief executive

Pi Global

London W11

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