‘Brand love’ is banished to Marketing Week’s Room 101

Marketing Week readers have voted to put long deadlines for TV booking, the phrase ‘we know from research’, and ‘brand love’ into Room 101.

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The votes are in and after a hotly contested battle, long deadlines for TV booking, the phrase “we know from research” and the concept of ‘brand love’ have all been consigned to Marketing Week’s Room 101.

With 71% of the vote, people felt most strongly about banning the term brand love, which was nominated by vice-president of brand strategy at Jellyfish and Marketing Week columnist, Tom Roach.

He described it as “slightly lazy shorthand” for driving brand equity and building an emotional connection – and clearly our readers agree. “We need our brands to be no brainers not love marks,” he added.

His second nomination – the idea that advertising is dead – received just 29% of votes, despite Roach suggesting the assertion is “bizarre” as it is so easily proven to be false.

Meanwhile, Ali Jones, Co-op’s customer director, wanted to get rid of the “incredibly long” deadlines for TV booking and “mega bucks Christmas ads”. It was a much closer contest, but with 53% of the vote long deadlines for booking TV was the winner and is consigned to Marketing Week’s Room 101.Pointless meetings exiled to Marketing Week’s Room 101

Last up, Helen Edwards, director of Passionbrand and fellow Marketing Week columnist, was keen to see an end to “one theory marketing” whereby marketers jump on one piece of marketing theory and decide every part of the job needs to be looked at through that lens.

However, it was her second nomination for the phrase “we know from research” that came out on top, gaining 57% of the vote. She takes issue with the term given “all research is time and context bound”.

For another chance to watch the show and hear the thoughts of Roach, Jones and Edwards, watch the video below. And look out for episode four coming soon.



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