Brand police pay for Games

While I agree with Mark Ritson’s comments regarding over-policing of the use of the Olympics logo ( RitsonLocog), it must be remembered that a larger chunk of the cost of setting up and running the Games will be covered by royalties from the sale of official goods. Imagine if the brand police were not prevalent? The plans for the Games (which are on time and in budget) may be affected. I will save my judgement of the brand management team until after London 2012.

Joe Brawn, via web comments


Asda app for m-commerce

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Unlike many other brands, Asda seems to have fully grasped the need for an app to be more than “just another” mobile platform ( AsdaMobile). The new Android app doesn’t just replicate its online offering or even its mobile website. Instead, it makes the user’s shopping experience a great deal easier by offering additional features […]

Fundamental brand strategy is crucial

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The principle put forward by David Wheldon ( that brand strategy and business strategy are elemental to the decisions, conduct and operation of all parts of an organisation has been around for many years. The understanding that customers own and influence brands through a mountain of real-time touchpoints is surely universal, and the realisation that […]

Inventory management is the way to avoid shortages

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All retailers can learn a valuable lesson from the news that Marks & Spencer was hit by a stock shortage after failing to order enough women’s knitwear during the cold winter months (MWlinks/MSimprove). The weather seems to have contributed to a surge in demand for such products, which highlights the need for all retailers to […]