Branded3 opens office in Malaysia

Branded3, the Leeds-based digital agency whose clients include BMW and Heinz, has opened a second office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in a move it says is in response to the shortage of creative skills in the UK. It believes the move will lead to rates almost a third lower than UK-based agencies.
The agency says that while the move will bring cost savings, the UK skills shortage has also prompted the decision. The new Malaysian office will provide high quality creative and technical expertise that appears to be lacking in the UK.
Agency founder Aravindan Chinnaraja says: “Not only does this alleviate the pressing shortage of digital skills in the UK, but it also means we can now offer clients even more expertise, 24/7 production times, and attractive offshore rates that are typically 30% lower than in the UK.
“This ensures that clients can achieve fantastic savings, and the same level of creative and technical expertise as UK based operators. As an established British agency, we are committed to offering UK standards and processes, while sourcing expertise globally.”