Brands abroad: Top marketers give their views

“A multi-channel approach to expansion allows British retailers to extend the reach of their brand quickly to new customers around the world and so gain entry to some of the fastest growing international markets.”
Marc Bolland, chief executive, Marks & Spencer

“As one of the UK’s most valuable exports, the luxury goods industry outstrips GDP growth and is predicted to rise by 57 per cent in 2015.”
Julia Carrick, chief executive of Walpole British Luxury and founder and publisher of the FT’s How to Spend It

“The shifting economic centre of gravity from West to East is radically changing global trade. That has a big potential impact on our supply chains and means we have to be flexible and smart about how we work with producers all over the world.”
Ian Hutchins, international corporate affairs director, Tesco

“The rise of omni-channel shopping and ecommerce is a game-changer that creates opportunities for new businesses to grow from scratch into international brands within a few years.”
Brent Hoberman, chairman

Source: UKTI UK Retail Industry – International Action Plan


Salary survey

CIM: ‘Marketers’ confidence at 12-month high’

Ronan Shields

Marketers’ confidence in the performance and prospects for their business is five times higher than 12 months ago as improvements in the wider economy fuel optimism but doubts remain over their ability to influence colleagues, according to a report by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).  


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