Brands must use advertising to promote good causes

Brands must use their advertising to develop their relationships with good causes, according to a new study.

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The Global Edelman Goodpurpose Study, reveals that UK consumers are willing to “punish” brands that don’t support good causes.

There is a rising scepticism in the UK that brands associate with charities and good causes to raise their profile rather than genuine support of the cause.

Two thirds of UK consumers think brands spend too much on advertising and should invest more in social causes and promoting them through their advertising.

Nine out of 10 consumers believe that brands need to place at least the same weight on society’s interests as those of business and do more than just give money to good causes.

The report claims that more than 50% of consumers say “purpose” is more important than design, innovation or brand loyalty as a purchase trigger, when quality and price are the same.

Nearly two-thirds of UK consumers say that they will buy and recommend products and services from companies that support a good cause.

Carol Cone, managing director of brand & corporate citizenship at Edelman, says: “Cause related-marketing, as we know it, is dead. It is no longer enough to slap a ribbon on a product. Consumers seek deeper involvement in social issues and expect brands and companies to provide various means of engagement. We call this the rise of the ’citizen consumer’.”

Key findings from the report

60% believe brands should promote good causes through their advertising to help raise public awareness

58% believe brands spend too much advertising or marketing and they should put more money into some good cause or social purpose

54% believe brands should share a portion of their advertising space with organisations that support good causes

57% feel that it is no longer enough for companies to simply give money away to good causes; they need to integrate them into their day-to-day business.

56% have more trust in a brand that is ethically and socially responsible


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