More than a third of brands plan to ramp up hiring in 2023

More than half of marketers are considering switching roles in 2023, while almost a third have been in their current positions for less than a year.

Career and Salary Survey hiring 2023Brands are defying the economic turmoil and inflation crisis as they look to ramp up the hiring of marketing talent in 2023.

Over a third (37.9%) of the more than 3,000 marketers responding to Marketing Week’s exclusive 2023 Career and Salary Survey work for a company which intends to increase hiring this year.

By comparison, less than a quarter (22.8%) say their business plans to decrease hiring in 2023. 

Some 19.4% of respondents say their organisation has less need to hire new talent given the current economic climate, while thankfully just 10.5% say their brand is planning job cuts.

Of the roles most in demand, 25.3% say their business has seen increased hiring for content managers, while 23.8% say the same for social media managers. This is followed by data specialists (22%), performance marketing marketers (20.2%), ecommerce managers (13.7%) and paid social managers (13.3%).

Brands signal improved hiring intentions despite ‘deteriorating’ economic situation

The hiring demand from brands is being matched by interest in new roles from marketers. More than half (53%) are considering a change of role this year, down slightly from 56.9% who were mulling a job search last year. Among this 53% figure, 20.2% of respondents are definitely looking for a new role in 2023.

Entertainment is the most attractive sector for marketers to move into in 2023 (22.9%), followed by agencies and consultancies (22%), and travel and leisure (20.7%).

In 2022 entertainment was the most popular sector marketers wanted to move into (24.5%), followed by FMCG (23.7%) and an agency/consultancy (22.9%). However, this year just 19% of marketers say they would like to move into an FMCG role.

Marketing tenure is a long-contested issue, with marketers often getting a bad reputation for not staying in their roles as long as their peers in other functions. According to this year’s survey, 27.3% of marketers have been in their current role for less than a year. In 2022, that number was 27.9%.

Some 13.4% of marketers have a tenure of up to six months, while 13.9% have worked for their current companies for between seven and 12 months. The bulk of respondents, however, have a tenure of between one and three years (39.4%), while 18.5% have been with their company for four to six years.

Over the coming weeks Marketing Week will be exploring the key topics impacting careers and salaries, including pay gaps, the push for new talent and marketing’s rising influence within business. 

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