How to be the third wheel on social media platforms

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It is possible for brands to provide useful content or experiences on social media platforms (MW 8 March) by using incentivised advertising formats. Engaged adverts can generate a return on investment for both parties. For example, in return for participating in a brand’s communication on Facebook, the user can receive free game credits. When used […]

Insurers use data to retain customers

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The latest Financial Services Tracker ( MediaSpend) highlights the importance of brand power in the face of lower consumer spending. Over the past few years, more and more low-cost brands have entered the insurance market and in such a price sensitive space have easily taken market share. However, as your article referenced, the current climate […]


Because we’re worth it

Jo Roberts

Industry attitudes: while the reputation of corporate PR professionals has improved, according to a study, they still have work to do to convince the CEO and the board of their true potential value, especially in areas such as social media.


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