Brands should target internet cafés in emerging markets

Most European consumers Р93 per cent Рregularly access the internet from home, according to new figures, but in countries where the web is relatively new they are far more likely to access the web from a public place such as an internet caf̩ or library.

According to the research, from Nielsen/NetRatings, brands wanting to target net-savvy consumers in such countries should put some of their marketing budget into internet cafés.

Alex Burmaster, European internet analyst at Nielsen/ NetRatings says: “Investing in an internet café in Bulgaria, Romania or Latvia, where at least a third of the internet population use them, is a better bet than in the UK where only 18 per cent are likely to walk through the door.”

The survey found that Lithuanians are the most likely to access the web from mobile phones, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), games consoles and high-street kiosks. Bulgarians are most likely to access the net using laptops (44 per cent).


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