Brands sign up for beforeIshop promo site, GMTV, UKTV, Good Food and Tesco Diets have signed up for newly-launched website,, a multi-brand, pre-shopping destination. The site is intended to influence in-store purchasing behaviour before consumers visit a store. It extends the proposition of CouponNet, an online printable grocery coupon network.

Offering trackable engagement for low-involvement categories, the site will provide videos, games, competitions, sampling, registrations, surveys, cash rebates and ads, which can be combined with unique printable coupons. Jo Malvern, product and marketing director for beforeIshop, says:”The recent recession has changed consumer behaviour in a fundamental way – consumers now expect additional value from almost every transaction, including when they are in the supermarket, and the challenge to marketers is to meet this expectation without compromising on their own brand values or positioning.”


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