Mark Ritson: Why BT must kill off the EE brand

If regulators approve BT’s acquisition of mobile network EE later this month it will create a headache for the executives who must decide the future of two strong brands, however there is only one sensible outcome.

How to build storytelling into your video strategy

With predictions that video content will make up 69% of all internet traffic by 2017 brands need to take on the challenge of making the format an integral part of their communication strategy, while remembering that telling a compelling story is key to success.

Top 10 YouTube ads in July

The big four supermarkets have faced a lot of questions about the quality of their ads recently. However two – Tesco and Asda – silenced the critics by making it into the top 10 this month. Always’ latest Like A Girl ad also extended the ongoing campaign’s viral dominance, while babies sharing their ‘poo faces’ was a hit for Pampers UK.

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