The Marketing Year: Annus mirabilis

While for some brands 2014 was a year to forget, others showed what some marketing insight can do for sales and brand equity. From HMV and Beats to internet TV we take a look at some of the people that have had an annus mirabilis.

HMV steadies sales as brand bounces back


The improvements HMV has made in store layouts and marketing initiatives appear to be paying off after data shows it has stolen share of the entertainment market back from the supermarkets and consumer perception of the brand are improving.

UK consumers rate Aldi top brand


Aldi has taken the top spot in YouGov’s mid-year list of the top 10 brands in terms of consumer perception, overtaking last year’s top performers such as John Lewis, BBC iPlayer and Samsung as its rise up the rankings “mirrors the shockwaves” discounter grocers have sent through the retail sector. 

Content might be sexy but retailers need to strike the right balance between fun and functional


EBay this week unveiled its new ‘magazine-style’ homepage to the UK at a celebrity-fuelled event in London. It follows Marks & Spencer as the latest ecommerce website to refocus around content, hoping that by inspiring customers it can boost engagement and, in the long term, sales. But online retailers must make sure their main point of being, to sell stuff to customers, isn’t getting lost among the pretty pictures and editorial content. 

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