Breathe deeply and then relax

The decision to ban the use of terms such as “light” and “mild” on cigarettes packs is just plain daft. No longer will us weed puffers have our own easy-reference guide as to the likely damage levels inflicted knowingly on our bodies.

Having heard the radio interviews with the rule-makers, the reason for the change is that those of us buying apparently lower tar and nicotine brands inhale more deeply on the lower-rated brands to achieve the same kick as could be gained from savouring the higher strength brands.

Now, as a result of the changes, we will all be clueless. Where next for the EU? Ban reference to the engine sizes on cars lest we thrash our little cars to emulate the tyre-smokingí G-forces encountered by the larger sex machines?

Let’s scrap references such as “low fat” and “low alcohol”. Drinking and eating will be a form of Russian Roulette with none of us knowing if we are increasing the risk of heading to an early grave.

The face of creative advertising could be changed forever. Nothing will “last longer”, “taste better” or certainly be claimed to “do you good”. We will just head for an advertising mush and confusion that some might claim the public has been subjected to, for too long already.

David Longman

DL Connections



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