Bridging the gap between programmatic and creativity

Despite concerns that programmatic buying might sound the death knell for creativity the two sides are now finding ways to work together to ensure data and automation lead to more effective advertising. But challenges remain in ensuring that the right data is used at the right time and that serendipity is not forgotten.

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Creativity in programmatic “should not be an afterthought”

Jack Simpson

Our Creative Programmatic event is coming up on 2 March and our sister brand, Econsultancy, caught up with two of the speakers at the event, O2’s Head of Digital Excellence, Nick Adams, and TUI’s Head of Media, Sammy Austin. Between them they discussed some of the biggest emerging trends and challenges in programmatic, and offered their opinions and advice on where creativity fits within this channel.

Topman programmatic advertising

How to embrace creativity in the programmatic age

Maeve Hosea

Both brand and agency experts debate how programmatic approaches in the advertising space might unlock creative opportunities and what future doors that might open. Is creativity in the programmatic sphere the next Holy Grail for an industry set on connecting with the right consumer at the right place and time?