This Friday, the British Heart Foundation unveils its first TV advertisement to publicise the charity’s new corporate identity. The UK’s fifth-biggest charity is repositioning as a medical research charity, which also funds educational activities and patient care. The ad, through TBWA Simons Palmer, will urge young people to take preventative action against coronary heart disease (CHD). The campaign moves the BHF’s advertising strategy away from its traditional red and black posters, which highlighted CHD as a major social issue. The commercials will be supported by direct mail and documentary-style radio advertising.


Brands beware links with Shell

Marketing Week

I wonder whether Shell is making any efforts to clean up its act in reality, or are the same alleged bad environmental and human rights practices still going on behind the cuddly Lego and exciting Ferrari façade. I know a lot of money is involved but if I represented either Lego or Ferrari, I would […]

Time for marketing to make stand

Marketing Week

I was not surprised by your Leader and article by Alan Mitchell (MW September 25) concerning the poor rating for the marketing profession given by City analysts and investors. There are a number of reasons for this. Marketing consultancy, which should spearhead the industry offering impartial advice without vested interest, has been swallowed up by […]

Suzuki ad tack is on right track

Marketing Week

At Suzuki, we are very much on the right track with our marketing strategy. In response to Paul Hunter (MW September 18), Suzuki is, and has been, focusing its efforts on the consumer and the practical advantages that a motorcycle can provide. In 1996, Suzuki Motorcycles launched a successful campaign with the theme “unlock the […]


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