Bartle Bogle Hegarty is launching a print campaign for Van den Bergh Foods’ Olivio spread . It will highlight the benefits of a Mediterranean diet, which includes grilled fish, fresh fruit, vegetables and olive oil. Olivio is a vegetable fat spread made with olive oil, which is low in saturates and high in mono-saturates. The advertisements were photographed in Sicily and feature local elderly Italians enjoying active lives. One execution, ‘Chianti’, shows a tough old man with the line: ‘He may be 73, but you wouldn’t want to spill his Chianti.’ Ads will appear in the national press, women’s and health magazines. Media was bought and planned by Initiative.


Comparison is not professional

Marketing Week

I was interested to read your article Paying the game (MW February 26) and, in particular, to see the luminaries that contributed to it. Each well-known in their own way and mostly managing large agencies. For the most part, I was in agreement with the mood and tone but did take exception to Clive Mishon’s […]

ASA slams Volvo again for ads which emphasise speed

Marketing Week

Volvo’s attempts to dispel its image as a maker of cars which are dull to drive has prompted its third condemnation in eight months for using advertising which focuses on speed. The Advertising Standards Authority has asked the car manufacturer to withdraw a national press ad for the Volvo V40 T4. The ad shows an […]

Warming for swimmers in new ad tide

Marketing Week

The onward march of the advertising medium is unstoppable, as we all know. Down toilets, on eggs, on satellites orbiting the globe, wherever there is a blank space, advertisers will find a message to fill it. The latest medium encountered by the Diary is pool-side advertising. At the Diary’s local Clapham swimming pool in, er, […]


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