Sony is launching a new campaign for its Sony Stamina Camcorder, the flagship model which has the technology to last for longer without the need for new batteries. The 3m campaign, through BMP DDB, is set outside an American diner and features a young man filming his girlfriend as she throws a piece of doughnut to a dog. But he has to turn off his camcorder because its batteries are low, and misses a spectacular sequence of events sparked off by the dog running into the road, causing a truck to swerve. The ad finishes with the couple looking on in awe because they did not catch the action on their camcorder, and the endline: ‘Don’t change your battery, change your camcorder.’ It breaks on May 10 in the UK and will also run in Europe. Geoff Muge, group marketing communications manager for Sony Consumer Products Group, says: ‘This campaign represents the largest Sony expenditure on camcorder advertising to date.’


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