‘Britain’ is our responsibility

The British Tourist Authority is very clear who or what it represents in this era of devolution (MW Leader, June 10).

It represents Britain -­ that is England, Scotland and Wales -­ and is certainly not some quasi-English tourist board. Our task is to bring overseas visitors to this country. The tourist boards of Scotland and Wales also work overseas, but work with us and through us as we all recognise that the whole is more than the sum of the parts.

Our very name ­- the British Tourist Authority -­ emphasises our British remit, as does our marketing logo, which uses a free-form of the union flag. In using the word Britain, we think we are setting the pace, not swimming against the tide. Even British Airways -­ sorry BA ­- is following suit on the use of the union colours.

Jonathan Griffin

Marketing services director

British Tourist Authority

London W6


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