British Airways future proofs its marketing needs

British Airways will continue to work with creative agency BBH but is creating a new structure to put content at the heart of its communications.

BBH retains lead agency role for BA thanks to joint venture strategy.

BBH, appointed the airline’s creative agency in 2005, will now also manage loyalty and digital marketing communications in addition to its advertising remit. However, the agency has created a joint venture with specialist consultants Simon Hall and Ben Moore to secure its lead role.

Moore and Hall are co-founders of the agency CHI and recently set up the “online growth consultancy” Seven Seconds.

There will be one aligned team, sitting under one roof with a shared set of commercial objectives.

Abigail Comber, British Airways’ head of marketing, says: “We launched this pitch in order to explore the agency market place and see what was on offer, as we had had some of our larger agency contracts for many years.

“Being conscious that the agency market place and consumer consumption of advertising has changed, we set out a challenge to put engaging content at the heart of every piece of communication, whatever the channel.”

 She adds that the airline was looking for “great creativity combined with economies of scale” for a supplier model that would be future proof.

 E-Dialog will continue to handle the airline’s email marketing under its parent company name eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions.




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