British Bakeries in 2m relaunch of crustless Hovis

British Bakeries is investing 2m in the relaunch of Hovis Invisible Crust, only 18 months since the brand was launched…


British Bakeries is investing £2m in the relaunch of Hovis Invisible Crust, only 18 months since the brand was launched.

The relaunch includes an overhaul of its packaging to bring it in line with the rest of the Hovis portfolio and an advertising campaign including TV, press and in-store activity. It is also increasing production capacity for the range.

The crustless loaf, which was launched in August 2005, is aimed at children and adult consumers who do not like crusts. Research by Hovis found that 35% of children ask their mothers to cut the crust off their bread. The loaf is available in two variants: white and Best of Both, which is white with added wholemeal.

According to Hovis, the relaunch follows the introduction of other crustless products into the market. Hovis senior brand manager Marie Davies says: "We are making this investment to meet demand, renew our commitment to this innovative brand and encourage consumer trial to prove our point-of-difference in the market."


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