British companies fail to invest in the Internet

British companies are committing an average of only 3,000 to establishing and maintaining their Websites, despite a majority reporting that the sites had successfully increased business.

Those firms which believe their Website is already delivering value to their business are prepared to spend nearer 4,000 on site development, according to a survey commissioned by law firm Eversheds and conducted earlier this month.

Only five out of the 111 respondents to the survey, which was carried out by the Survey Shop, said it was worth spending more than 5,000 to develop and maintain a Website through an outside Web design agency, with 15,000 the maximum amount reported as being spent.

The careful approach by UK companies to online strategy is largely being led by IT, rather than marketing specialists.

Only a third of in-house Website managers favour contracting out site-building and maintenance work to specialist Web design agencies, while 23 per cent said in-house marketing departments should handle the job.

Nearly 40 per cent of corporate Website managers favoured in-house IT departments being responsible for Website development. Using external ad or PR agencies was the least popular option.


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