British Gas has lost its reason for being

The backlash British Gas has faced following its recent profit report (British Gas ramps up communications to repair brand reputation, MW 4 August) comes as no surprise to anyone in the marketing or customer service industries, or those with a gas bill.

The company’s failure to effectively and considerately communicate its fiscal position with customers suggests that British Gas has forgotten its customer roots and grown out of touch with the needs of those it serves.

While British Gas is the first victim to be thrown on the fire, it is not alone and this demand for corporate accountability is something we will only see grow as rumours of budget belt-tightening proliferate.

While British Gas has been taught its lesson the hard way, it will be interesting to see how many other suppliers not only tuned in to watch, but take note of the real importance of providing, and being seen to provide, the type of customer service that instils customer trust and breeds brand advocates.

James Le Roth, Contact centre director, Eclipse Marketing


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