British Gas launches Generation Green TV campaign

British Gas is launching a TV campaign to support its Generation Green schools initiative. The campaign, created by CHI & Partners, will launch today (September 15).

The ad aims to encourage both parents and kids to get involved in the schools programme by showing children going to extreme lengths to be greener. It will run until October 12 across terrestrial and digital TV, as well as on Nickelodeon and the Cartoon Network.

British Gas is also sponsoring a kids show called Green Up Your Life, a series to five minutes programmes that will feature children accepting environmental challenging, such as recycling and water saving. At the end of the ten-part series, one team of children will be crowned champion “eco ranger”. The sponsorship also breaks today.

The Generation Green programme awards “Green Leaves” vouchers to schools for energy saving behaviour, such as turning off lights and computers. The vouchers can be redeemed through a website in exchange for renewable energy products and educational kits for schools, including weather stations and botanicals kits.

The website also features resources for teachers to support the science and geography curricula. British Gas says 4,000 schools have joined the scheme, which is run by its New Energy division, since its launch in May (MW May 1).


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