British Gas redesigns vans

British Gas has overhauled the design of its van fleet as part of a modernisation of the brand’s image.

British Gas van

The new vans will be a bright cyan blue colour to replace the navy blue of its current fleet.

British Gas hopes the new fleet, 4000 of which will roll out this year, will help consumers see the brand as “modern, progressive and innovative”.

The vans will also carry side panels that will promote British Gas’ wider activities, beyond providing gas supplies, such as solar panel installations.

Dean Keeling, British Gas brand director, says the decision to rebrand the 10,000 strong fleet of vans is part of the company’s strategy to change consumers’ perception of the energy provider and create a more positive association.

The energy supplier claims that the new fleet will also help it reduce its CO2 missions by 5%.

The Centrica-owned energy provider reported that it added 200,000 customers so far this year, boosted by recent price cuts.

The price cut strategy was supported by a national ad campaign created by CHI promoting British Gas as the “cheapest standard gas and electricity” supplier in the UK.



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