British Gas to give customers 52 million energy-saving light bulbs

British Gas is launching the worlds largest energy-saving light bulb giveaway today (May 7), supported by a major advertising campaign.

British Gas is launching the world’s largest energy-saving light bulb giveaway today (May 7), supported by a major advertising campaign.

The energy provider is giving away 52 million light bulbs – four per customer – in a bid to save 9 million tonnes of CO2. Electronics brand Phillips is supplying the bulbs. The initiative will be rolled out regionally, starting in the north of England.

The campaign, which has been created by CHI & Partners, will run across TV, radio and outdoor, and will have the strapline: “Giving Britain the Green Light to Save Energy.”

A British Gas spokesman says: “By putting these light bulbs in customer’s hands, we are helping them to take additional steps towards going green.”

The Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs will be sent to customers with energy saving advice literature. The utilities provider says the initiative is different from any other of its kind because it does not involve redeeming coupons.

The scheme is the latest of British Gas’ green initiatives. Last week, it launched a green schools drive, which rewards teachers, parents and local communities for green behaviour (MW last week). In February it launched its “Your Energy Experts” brand campaign to encourage consumers to fill in its Energy Savers’ Report (MW February 14).

CFL bulbs have a life expectancy of over 17 years. The International Energy Agency says a global switch to energy efficient lighting would save consumers 10% on energy bills. It also estimates that 19% of global electricity generation is used for lighting and the CO2 produced is three times greater than air travel.

Utility company Southern Electric teamed up with The Sun newspaper in January to give away 4.5 million energy saving light bulbs to consumers who bought the newspaper in supermarkets.


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