British Heart Foundation launches integrated campaign

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) is launching an integrated campaign to raise awareness of the charity and National Heart Month in February.

The television campaign breaks today (18 January) and will run until mid-February.

From 1 February, the ads will include a call to action to support BHF during National Heart Month.

The ads, created by Grey London, features the voice of British actress Imelda Staunton and real people affected by heart disease.

It is the first time the charity has featured real people in one of its campaigns.

The campaign includes eight separate adverts with pairs of stories from sufferers of heart disease and their families.

The wife and husband, parent and child and siblings tell of their own personal experiences and the help and support the BHF has provided them.

BHF hopes to encourage people touched by heart disease to contact the charity for support and guidance.

The TV campaign will be supported by radio and press advertising and targeted door drops in areas with high rates of heart disease is highest.

BHF is also showing a preview of the ad on Facebook and using Twitter to make regular updates throughout the campaign.

Nick Radmore, head of social marketing and brand at the BHF, says: ‘The power of the people’s story and the raw emotion they show is much stronger than any actor could have given us. We hope that it will provide a strong connection to the people we believe would benefit from the support of the BHF, encouraging them to contact us and to show they are not alone.’


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