Britivic challenges consumers with touchscreen-game vending machines

Consumers can test their mental agility on touchscreen vending machines owned by Britivic that reward consumers with a free soft drink.

Britvic Drench

The vending machines for Juicy Drench spring water, which will be installed in UK cities from this month, have touch-screens programmed with a number of fun games that test mental agility in order to demonstrate that brains perform best when they’re hydrated, according to Britivic Soft Drinks.

The marketing initiative for the drink is the latest example of a big brand using “smart” vending machines to interact with customers.

In June, Unilever announced plans for vending machines that use face-recognition technology to give consumers’ free ice cream in return for a smile.

The Juicy vending machine will be installed in shopping centres and train stations in London, Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham. Customers will be able to try 40 different games, ranging from maths tasks to ’spot the difference’ challenges. The games can also be played played online.

Laura Molloy, senior brand manager at Drench said: “We are always looking into fun ways to communicate the message that brains perform best when they’re hydrated, and we thought there was no better way than creating a vending machine with a unique twist.”

Recently Drench launched a “cubehead” cinema ad campaign.


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