Britvic raises Internet stakes with Tango site

From next week, Internet surfers will be able to access an “anarchic” Tango site containing spoof details of salaries at parent company Britvic, a page dedicated to the pleasures of ferrets and an Apple Tango dating service.

Britvic is putting 250,000 into developing the site, which it claims is the biggest investment to be put behind a brand on the Internet.

Tango brand group manager David Atter says: “Most companies invest about 20,000 and put up what looks like a page from their corporate brochure for people to look at. We have spent nine months working on this so that it is in keeping with the brand’s personality.”

Atter says the site will target 18 to 25-year-old males and students who have easy access to the Internet.

Among the other items that can be accessed is a view of the Tango production line, where users appear to change the product’s ingredients electronically, and an electronic postcard service, where users can send others Tango greetings.


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