Britvic readies UK Mountain Dew launch

Britvic is to launch US soft drink brand Mountain Dew in the UK next month to tap into the growth in the energy and stimulant drinks market.

The drinks firm is to introduce a citrus variant of the brand from April.

Mountain Dew will have a different formula to the drink available in the US, where it is not categorised as an energy drink.

The brand was available for a year in the nineties with its US formula but will now be relaunched as an energy drink.

According to the 2010 Britvic Soft Drinks Report, the Glucose and Stimulant drinks category was the fastest growing last year, up 7% to £567m in 2009. Top brands include Red Bull, Monster and Relentless, the latter two accounting for 58% of the growth in the category.

A spokeswoman for Britvic says there are no plans for a “huge” marketing campaign to support the launch in the hope that its “powerful” brand name will help its introduction.

Mountain Dew is owned by PepsiCo. Britvic makes, markets and distributes Pepsico brands in the UK.


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