Broadcasters in VOD content talks with NTL

NTL is in talks with ITV and Channel 4 about them joining the BBC as suppliers of programme content for its newly launched video-on-demand (VOD) service.

As first revealed in Marketing Week (September 30, 2004), NTL and Telewest Broadband this week launched pure VOD services, under the brand FilmFlex, offering consumers the chance to select content they want to watch either free or at a set fee.

They will offer films priced between &£2 and &£3.50 for use over a 24-hour period, provided by a joint venture between Sony Pictures Television International, Walt Disney Television International and pay-TV specialist On-Demand.

In addition, NTL is offering a selection of programmes called Pick of the Week that have been broadcast during the previous seven days. The BBC is supplying content on a trial basis offering shows such as EastEnders and Top Gear free. NTL is speaking to other content providers, including ITV and Channel 4, about providing content.

The NTL service will also offer children’s programmes such as The Tweenies priced between 20p and 30p; music videos from 20p to &£1.50 and adult content from PlayBoy at &£7.

The VOD services will have DVD-style functions such as freeze-frame, fast-forward and rewind and each purchased programme will be available for viewing over a period of time that varies according to the content.

In the US, advertisers use VOD services to target audiences by linking their brand to programmes or other content in the form of sponsorship or advertising.


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